"I swear to Odin, I will blood eagle you!" - Kris Lusch

A designer with degrees in both video game development and user experience, Kris moved away from 13 years of Lutheran schooling looking to Odin and the old gods. Proving himself to Odin connects with him on a spiritual level because of his entrepreneurial aspects and years of competing in mixed martial arts and grappling tournaments. He also connects with the old gods from his deep environmentalist philosophy and love of nature. Not an expert by any means, Kris has only been on this journey for a few years but is looking to discover more and more about the gods until the Valkyries come for him.

"Craigslist is the most honest window into the human experience you will ever find."     - Scott Neal

Both a hooligan and an intellectual holding a bachelor's and a doctorate, he has traveled far and maintains a passion for history and humanity that he has kept feeding for over two decades. His accomplishments include meeting Florida Man and battling a homeless wendigo on the grounds of the Canadian embassy in Washington D.C.


"Blood for the blood god!" - Joshua Sadler

A student of history, mythology, amateur philosopher, and martial artist from Detroit, Joshua works in IT. When he's not trying to pay the bills, he's working on writing a novel, blog, and Skal. He celebrates life in raves and music festivals, and looks to spread the wisdom of life and the gods to all. Joshua is an aspiring Einherjar respecting the wit and wisdom of Odin most.